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Are you ready for one of the best “Mom Hacks” my mother ever taught me?! When your kiddos are resistant to cleaning up their toys, start up a round of the “Tidy-Up Memory Game!”

Here’s how to play:
1. Pick someone to go first. That person goes into the room that needs to be cleaned up while the rest of the players go into another room.
2. The person who is “it” cleans up one toy in the room and then lets everyone know they’re ready for everyone to come back into the room.
3. Everyone inspects the room and tries to guess/remember what toy was put away.
4. Once the toy is guessed, the next person gets a turn to put a toy away and then have everyone guess.

The game starts out slow with only one toy being put away at a time. BUT, every time we played this game as kids, one kid would think themselves very sneaky and put everything away in the room. AND the best part, no one is complaining about cleaning, and the toys get put away.

Give it a try! Let me know how it goes!!


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