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Nail Salon

We had our hair salon day so naturally we needed to set up a nail salon too! Missy Marlo loved this one and wanted more and more! I took a cardstock 12x12 paper and traced my hands onto it. (Use a sharpie!) I used a Crayola marker and it smeared everywhere. Draw some...

Foam Squares + Velcro

Guys! There's so much play goodness here in these little squares! I found 2 packs of these at the dollar store a while back. With the first pack I put some velcro dots (also a dollar store find) on 2 of the sides so we could build with them. The other pack I left...

Popsicle Stick Color Match

Do you have some restless preschoolers at home? Check out this fun popsicle stick color matching game! This game helps your kiddos recognize colors, and works those fine motor skills! Let's make it! 1. Color different patterns onto your popsicle sticks. 2. Color your...



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