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Free the Frozen Treasures

Melting these treasures free takes time and patience for kiddos. This extends the lifespan of the activity! Missy Marlo was really determined to get all the treasures free and had to use some problem solving skills to figure out how to help the ice melt faster. You...

Frozen Paint

Frozen Paint is the activity I didn’t know I always needed!!! As the paint melts it colors your picture! To make these paints, you’ll need:*Washable Paint* Popsicle Sticks*Ice cube tray*Tin Foil Fill the ice cube tray half full of water and the other half full of...

Strawberry Sand

I've seen a lot of really great sensory ideas on Pinterest, but I think this is one of the best finds ever! This recipe is from Purposeful Toys! If you're not following her on Instagram, GO DO IT NOW! She has some of the best ideas, EVER! This Strawberry Sand feels...

Nail Salon

We had our hair salon day so naturally we needed to set up a nail salon too! Missy Marlo loved this one and wanted more and more! I took a cardstock 12x12 paper and traced my hands onto it. (Use a sharpie!) I used a Crayola marker and it smeared everywhere. Draw some...



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