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Skoolzy Bears

I fell in love with these bears at first sight! All the educational goodness that these babies can unlock makes me so happy!This morning Missy Marlo said she wanted to play school and learn about numbers. So we got out our number baking sheet and started counting! On...

Sponge Blocks

Building just got more interesting with these sponge blocks! We've used them in a few different ways. We've made towers, castles, and used them as fences for our My Little Ponies. What would you use them for? How to make:Grab some clean, square/rectangle sponges. I...

Painted Lentils

When my husband and I first got married, I decided to make him a nice dinner one night. I had my moms recipe of Taco Soup and thought it would be a quick, nice meal to do. I was very inexperienced with cooking meals. VERY inexperienced! I had no idea there was a...

Free the Frozen Treasures

Melting these treasures free takes time and patience for kiddos. This extends the lifespan of the activity! Missy Marlo was really determined to get all the treasures free and had to use some problem solving skills to figure out how to help the ice melt faster. You...



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