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Melting these treasures free takes time and patience for kiddos. This extends the lifespan of the activity!
Missy Marlo was really determined to get all the treasures free and had to use some problem solving skills to figure out how to help the ice melt faster.
You can speed up this activity by adding salt to melt the ice, or a little hammer or chisel to break pieces away.
I wanted Missy Marlo to work her fine motor skills with the tools we had: the syringe bulb, measuring cups, and ladles.
To set up this activity grab some ice cube trays. I also use a Tupperware storage container to freeze a bigger ice block. Add some “treasures” into the ice tray. I used beads, pom poms, and dollar store jewels. Fill the trays about 3/4 full. Do not overfill or your will be penguin walking/spilling all the way to freezer! Freeze overnight.

When your ready to play, lay down some towels under your sensory bin/table. Pop your ice out into the sensory bin. Add in the tools you want to use to help free your treasures and a few Tupperware containers with warm water. Now free those treasures!


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