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You have an Editable PDF File. Now what?

In this Editable PDF File guide, I am going to show you step by step how to use the files included with your purchase from my store.

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Step 1: Edit your activity using Adobe Reader on a desktop or laptop computer. 

Open your file on a desktop or laptop computer with the free program Adobe Reader or the paid version Adobe PRO . {Make sure your program is up-to-date for best use.} (Download the FREE Adobe Reader here!)




Step 2: Type your desired words into the word list page.

Use all of the word spots or you will have blank game pieces.


Step 3: The words will autofill where they are needed throughout the entire activity.


Step 4: Print 

Print out the pages you need. Make sure you print the answer key if you want it. (The blue boxes will disappear when you print.) 


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