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You have a Cricut Print and Cut file. Now what?

In this Cricut Print and Cut guide, I am going to show you step by step how to use the Cricut PNG files included with your purchase from my store.

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Step 1: Calibrate your Cricut

If you have not ever done a print and cut file on your Cricut machine, you will need to calibrate your Cricut.

First, log into your Cricut account.  Click on the home button in the upper left hand corner. Next, click on the button that says Calibration. Then follow the on screen prompts to calibrate your machine. 

Step 2: Add the PNGs included in the folder titled “Cricut” into Cricut Design Space. 

  1. Open Cricut Design Space and log in. 
  2. Create New Project.
  3. Select Upload then navigate to your folder titled “Cricut” and choose which color option you want to use. Open the folder and select the first file.
  4. Select “Simple” then “Continue.”
  5. Click “continue” on the page that asks you to select or erase. 
  6. Make sure “Save as Print then Cut Image” is selected and then click “continue.”
  7. Upload the rest of the files using the above steps. 
  8.  Select all of the files you just uploaded and then click “Insert”
  9.  Resize all the images. Keep the proportions locked. Adjust the height first to 9.25″. Then if the width is not at or below 6.25″ resize the width the 6.25″.
  10. Save the project. 

From here you can now send the project to your printer and your Cricut by clicking “Make it.”


Adding a Project Cover Photo

  1. Click on “My Projects”
  2. Click the 3 dots under the project name you are working on. 
  3. Click “Edit Project Details”
  4. Click the + sign under Photos.
  5. Navigate to your Cricut folder and find the project cover included.
  6. Click Save.
  7. From here you can make your project by clicking “Make It” or you can return to the main screen by clicking the “X.”

Step 3: Print out all of the pages.

Printing all of the pages at the beginning gives the ink time to dry before you put your pages onto the mat for cutting.

First, select which page you want to print. Then, click continue. Follow the on screen prompts.

Step 4: Use the Cricut to cut out all of the pages.

Select the page you want to cut. Then click the “I’ve Already Printed” button.

This will bring you to the screen where you need to check all of your Cricut settings: is your base material set to the thickness of paper you are using, and is your blade loaded?

Once your settings are how you want them to be, put your page onto the cricut mat.

For regular printer paper or cardstock, use a blue mat if you have one. If you don’t have a blue mat, use your least sticky green mat.

**CARDSTOCK TIP: Have your Cricut cut the cardstock a second time by pushing the go button on your Cricut after the first cut and before you unload your mat. This ensures all pieces are cut nice and crisp. **

Load your mat into your Cricut machine and then press the GO button. Your Cricut will scan the rectangle around the page and then perform the cut.

Once it is finished being cut, unload your mat and remove the parts of the page you don’t need.

Carefully remove the game pieces from the mat for assembly.

Step 5: Assemble your file folder game and you’re ready to go!

For file folder assembly instructions, check out this blog post! 

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