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Brain breaks are perfect to get your kids up, moving, and exercising in a fun way that will make you want to join in! These animal activities FREE sample printable cards have 5 gross motor activities that are perfect for physical education, special education, therapy, or when your kids need a brain break and movement break to get the wiggles out! 

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Animal Brain Breaks are fun and easy to use! These animal exercise gross motor activities are easy to prep and you can reuse them over and over! You can use brain breaks in a variety of ways!

  • Brain Breaks – Rest your brain and get the wiggles out!
  • Circle Time
  • Indoor Recess
  • Movement Breaks
  • Transitions
  • Gym
  • Filler Activities

Pretend play is a great way to give your student and tired teacher’s brain a break. Acting like an animal is a great way to exercise your student’s bodies and rest their minds. Act out the animal exercise and movement as described on the brain breaks animal activity card for engaging movement and exercise breaks.

See what others are saying about these animal brain break printable cards:

  • “A fun way to incorporate movement into the classroom! These work very well for brain breaks and movement breaks throughout the day.” -Anna Beth P
  • “This was fun to watch them “through the screen”. They got a brain break and a moment to move around too. They enjoyed it.” -Jennifer R
  • “These gross motor activities are excellent for a brain break throughout the day or even just a filler activity!” -Madeline R

Easy Assembly and Use Ideas:

  • Bind laminated brain breaks cards with a ring
  • Throw laminated brain break cards in a basket and let kids pick them out one at a time and do each gross motor activity as it gets picked.
  • Set up an obstacle course leading the kids around to the different animal activity cards.

Animal Exercises Printing Options:

  • BW Print File
  • Color Print File
  • Instructions for printing multiple sizes of brain break cards